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In today’s digital age a professional headshot is more important than ever, your online presence often serves as the first impression you make that’s why investing in a high-quality headshot is essential to convey your professionalism and personality this is a service that I deliver as a London Corporate Headshot Photographer.

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London Corporate Headshot Photographer – Business Headshots in The City of London

If you are based in London and in search of the perfect Corporate headshot photographer, you are in luck! I can bring my portable studio to your office and get your business headshots captured on site so you only need few minutes of your time and you can get back to work. I work with numerous companies that I photograph their new joiners almost on a monthly basis so everyone has an up to date headshot on their website, Linkedin, presentations, teams or zoom, a professional headshot is a really valuable asset for your company.

Carmen’s work is great – she gets the best out of her subjects. She’s done endless headshots for us but her event work has been fantastic also.

Liam Fitzpatrick, Corporate headshots in the City of London
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Headshot Photographer

Whether you are looking for a Corporate Headshot Photographer or a Business Portrait Photographer I can help you with this, I really take pride in making people feel at ease in front of the camera and make the session as pain free as possible. I always go above and beyond to make sure that afterwards you leave with a business portrait that you are proud of.

I don’t enjoy having my photo taken, but with Carmen everything was fun, light and uncomplicated. She puts you at ease straight away and manages to capture your best self, while allowing your personality to show through. All the editors that I worked for asked for Carmen’s portrait of me to be included in the contributors page. Everyone loved it!

Brenda Otero, Journalist

Curious to see the results? Take a look at my headshot photography page here and a previous blog that I wrote about headshot options that I offer here

How to prepare for a Headshot Photography session?

Here are my top tips to be at your best for your having your professional portrait taken:

  • Sleep: Yes! You have heard it before I know, pretty obvious recommendation but try to get at least 8 hours of sleep on the lead up to having your headshot session.
  • Drink plenty of water: Again, you have heard this before, but keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin looks it absolute best.
  • Don’t go out the night before! Again you have heard this one before and it is a combination of the previous 2 recommendations, but alcohol and lack of sleep are enemies of a successful headshot photograph – plus will help your health!
  • Avoid any long sun exposure on the lead up to your headshot session – a bit of a glow is nice but be careful to don’t over do it.
  • Practise your hair and poses in front of the mirror so you learn your body language and your facial expressions and angles, your chin, your shoulders.
  • What to wear: I get asked this so many times, I would say wear something professional, solid colours over patterns, choose colours that fall in the mid- tone range. Moderate open neck lines over roll necks. I will also wear long sleeves or three quarters over sleeveless or short sleeve.
  • If wearing glasses make sure that thee have an anti-reflective coating if possible.
  • Make up: Another one that I get asked very often. My advice will be to avoid heavy make up and keep it with a natural look. Powder make up can look quite caky, Neutral eyeshadows work very well and avoid using SPF products as they are usually quite reflective with studio lights.
London Corporate Headshot Photographer
London Corporate Headshot Photographer – Portable studio setup on location for Corporate Headshots in London Bridge

What service I provide?

  • I will bring my over 20 years of working as a professional photographer
  • My portable studio lighting and back ups for any eventuality
  • If time allowed I will shoot live tethering – what does that mean?!- My camera will be connected to my laptop so you can see the pictures, this helps picking and choosing your favorite one.
  • I will guide you through the session to make the most of it and make you feel relax and comfortable in front of the camera – No worries! No dad jokes from me! You are safe there.
  • A choice of White, Grey, Black or environmental background.
  • Online password protected gallery where you can access your headshots after the session

Are you looking for a London corporate headshot photographer?

Please do get in touch here as I would love to help! Alternative you can also email me

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