LVMH House London Interior Photography

I worked on a large-scale, wide-reaching project for the world leader in luxury fashion and lifestyle products, LVMH. Travel to the heart of one of the world’s most prestigious brands through my LVMH House London interior photography.

They had carried out a renovation on the entire Grade II listed building and they needed to have all the different spaces photographed to show what each area could offer – such as different types of meetings, room layouts, breakfast service and evening drinks. So, I developed the entire project and styled it; effectively working as the shoot’s art director – rearranging furniture and ordering flowers and food, as well as decorating each scene to bring the house to life.

LVMH House London Interior Photography: Reception area

LVMH needed interior photography of all internal areas and architectural photography of the façade. From the very welcoming reception.

LVMH House Interior Photography: Events space

Which led to their multiple layout open-plan events space with different set ups. The space is extremely versatile, with moving panels so it could be divided and host multiple streams simultaneously. I arranged all the different events space layouts and photographed them.

With a convenient coffee station in a corridor for all those breaks in between workshops and sessions.

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LVMH House London Interior Photography – Coffee station area

The interior was designed to include flexible events space from breakfast meetings

To informal work launches.

And the same space could be utilised for a presentation.

To social evenings, networking events in their stunning bar.

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The space was restored, respecting the original features, from their Rococo fire places in meticulously designed meeting rooms, to an impressive staircase that extended to their penthouse which had an open-plan meeting space and balcony area.

How did I approached the Interior Photography of LVMH House London?

The task was huge as some of the rooms required re-organising of the furniture in different ways to show the full potential of the space – I was extremely happy to do it myself and they loved the results. This particular floor wasn’t set up and I brought the furniture from different places around the house and made it work to create different ambiances and show the multiple options that the space could offer.

It also had an adjacent kitchen which they wanted to highlight

Carmen Valino Architecture Interiors Installations Photographer London 0079

And the incredible Façade! The heart of Mayfair is incredibly busy, there is traffic 24/7, so I suggested to book the parking bays outside the House in order to have a clear view. Still, on that early morning two vehicles parked there but I was able to manage all this myself and achieve a fantastic result!

I highly recommend working with Carmen. Not only did she find the time to fit in our assignment on her tight schedule, but also helped us to find the way to enhance the spaces to make them communicate our message, creating timeless images that have helped us since then and I’m sure will help us in the future. Carmen is a great professional who knows her craft but also adds great value with her experience and understanding of the company values, which is essential to help her clients to transmit their messages through images.”

Carolina Carranza, Architect at LVMH

What can you expect when you hire my Interior Photography services?

As an interior photographer, my goal is to capture the beauty and design of a space through high-quality images that showcase its unique features and character. I use my technical skills, knowledge of composition and lighting, and creativity to create visually engaging images.

  • Composition and Lighting One of the key services I offer as an interior photographer is my ability to create beautiful compositions and use lighting to enhance the mood and atmosphere of a space. I understand how to use natural light to create a warm and inviting feel, or artificial light. I also use my expertise to position myself and my equipment to get the best possible angles and perspectives.
  • Post-Production After the shoot, I will hand edit each image. I may adjust color, contrast, and other elements of the image. I will also remove any unwanted elements should I be unable to remove them on the shooting day ie. emergency sign. And overall a general enhancement of the image.
  • Attention to Detail I have forensic attention to detail, nothing escapes me. As an interior photographer, I pay attention to even the smallest details of a space. I take the time to carefully arrange furniture, props, and other elements of the scene to create a cohesive, visually appealing image. I also ensure that each element is in the right place and at the right angle.
  • Collaboration I believe that collaboration is key to producing the best possible images. I work closely with my clients to understand their aim for the project, and to ensure that the final images reflect their vision. I may offer suggestions for how to arrange the space or position certain elements to facilitate their vision. I also communicate clearly and regularly throughout the process to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Delivery of Final Product Finally, you will receive a hand edited high-resolution digital album by a password protected online gallery as I find this makes it easier for you to visualise, individually download or share them with your team. I could supply as well a low resolution album for social media / web and digital use. I understand that each client has unique needs, and I am committed to providing personalised service that meets their individual requirements.

Overall, as an interior photographer, I am dedicated to providing my clients high-quality photography that showcase the beauty and design of their spaces. Through careful composition, lighting, and attention to detail, I aim to create images that capture and enhance the essence of each space.

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