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Panel discussions are something that I am regularly photographing as a London event photographer. Panel discussion photography can be a stand alone event or they could also be part of a conference, or a lecture could be followed by a panel discussion and quite often includes as q&a session.

Panel Discussion Photography - Investing in Care Conferences organised by Laingbuisson Events taking place at Etc. Venues County Hall London - Panel Discussion Photographer Carmen Valino
Panel Discussion Photography at Etc Venues County Hall London
Panel Discussion Photography - ICC Digital Trade and Innovation Conference taking place at Deloitte London - Conference Photographer Carmen Valino
Panel Discussion Photography organised by the ICC taking place at Deloitte London offices
ICC 028
Panel Discussion Photography - Specialist Care Conference organised by Laingbuisson Events in Etc Venues Monument London
Panel Discussion Photography – Specialist Care Conference at Etc Venues Monument London

Are you taking part in a panel discussion that is been photographed?

If so, this is for you! Quite often talking in public can be a bit daunting and more so if you add to it being photographed. If you feel a bit uneasy about it and you want to find out how to look your best while you are being part of a panel discussion, here are some tips for you:

  • While sitting, try to keep yourself sitting upright. If your chair has an arm rest, use them to help you in doing this. If the chair doesn’t have arm rests, try to bring yourself upright by bringing your shoulders together at your back.
  • Be mindful when other members of the panel are speaking as you can still be part of the photograph (while photographing a panel discussion photographers are briefed to take a picture of the whole panel)
  • Choose the right outfit. Something with pockets is usually really handy as the chances are that you will have a wireless microphone fitted and the AV team will find really helpful to put the transmitter in a pocket. Other places they will try to clip it will be the back of your collar and that can show in pictures and look a bit untidy.
  • When it is your turn to speak, it is also a good idea to try to be a bit animated with your hands, this helps to make the individual photographs more interesting, dynamic and engaging. Also these hand movements will help you feel a bit more relaxed and less tense. Quite often photographers say “it is all about the hands!”
Panel Discussion Photography at Insurance Innovators Summit located at the QEII Centre London
Panel Discussion Photography at Insurance Innovators Summit that took place at the QEII Centre London
Close up of a member of a panel discussion taking place at the Guildhall London

What to expect when you hire my panel discussion photography services?

  • I will arrive to the event venue 15 minutes beforehand to set up my equipement and I will also check with the AV team how the panel is lit (to make sure that the light is as even as possible) and if there is a projector to make sure that this dosen’t go across the members of the panel faces (no wifi password or hashtags on peoples foreheads!
  • We can have a brief chat of any last minute changes to the original brief.
  • I will photograph the room looking busy from different angles.
  • The audience looking engaged – i will look for reactions and interactions.
  • Each member of the panel looking as animated as possible
  • Wide pictures from the back of the room and pictures where I zoom into the panel.
  • Close ups of the audience and their reactions
  • If there is a Q&A, the audience asking questions
  • A selection of images will be available right after the event for social media and the full album will be with you at an agreed date.
Panel Discussion Photography at Chatham House London

Why should you hire a professional photographer for your panel discussion event?

When you hire my services you are bringing to your event a professional photographer with 20 years of experience, I have photographed in 100’s of different venues, lighting conditions and managed all the unexpected eventualities, so you are in a very safe pair of hands.

I am fully insured with public liability of up to £5 million

I will bring to your event a suitcase full of kit with back ups if everything, so if one of my cameras as a technical glitch…no problem! There is another one in my bag! I also bring multiple lenses, batteries, flashes and a long etc of gadgets

Are you planning a panel discussion and looking for a photographer? Get in touch with me here

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