Prospectus Photography for London University

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned by the prestigious Northeastern University to capture their Prospectus Photography for their London University campus which is located right next to the iconic London landmark Tower Bridge.

Prospectus Photography for Northeastern University at their London Campus located right next to Tower Bridge in London
University Prospectus Photography – Northeastern University Campus right next to Tower Bridge in London

Prospectus Photography London – Education Photographer

The idea was to create a collection of candid, unstaged photography, just to photograph their students on a average day. I have done this type of photography previously on numerous occasions – you can see here my school prospectus photography for the prestigious Wetherby Preparatory School.

Prospectus Photography for London University - Education Photographer Carmen Valino captures students at Northeastern University campus
Prospectus Photography – Northeastern University Students at their laptops in their London Campus in the hear of Tower Hill

As an education photographer my aim is to capture the day at the school or university causing the least disruption as possible, so I don’t compromise their learning or schedule. This enables me to capture students engaged in lessons or in this case for Northeastern it was more about capturing the life at campus.

LONDON CAMPUS 05022024 024
Prospectus Photography – Education Photographer capturing students with reportage style – lifestyle photography – at Northeastern University campus right next to Tower Bridge in The City of London
LONDON CAMPUS 05022024 019
Prospectus Photography for London University – Education Photographer Carmen Valino captures students at Northeastern University Campus London

Education Photographer – Student life

As well as capturing the students in lessons, I often get asked to capture them during their breaks, to show the fun side of student life and to showcase the facilities that their campus has to offer.

LONDON CAMPUS 05022024 045

As an education photographer it is also important to capture how inclusive their institutions are, offering facilities that cater for the diversity of their student community. When photographing this spaces I am very discreet and unobtrusive, my goal is to capture this without being noticed.

LONDON CAMPUS 05022024 094

With my prospectus photography my aim is to capture the uniqueness of your institution, being a School, College, University or Post Graduate. In this case Northeastern University is a modern, airy and bright campus right in the heart of London, where students can enjoy all that London has to offer while they are achieving their academic goals.

LONDON CAMPUS 05022024 065

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