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QEii Centre London has to be at the top of my list of favourite conference venues in London the QEii Centre is the largest dedicated conference and exhibition Centre, with a capacity of up to 2,500.

As a QEii Centre London conference photographer, is a venue where I have photographed multiple conferences and exhibitions over the years.

The QEII Centre is located opposite Westminster Abbey. It has excellent transport links and is in close proximity to the Houses of Parliament and all that London has to offer.

QEII can host anything from large scale events and conferences to small meetings. You will be gifted with incredible views of the most iconic London Landmarks – such as Queen Elizabeth Tower (usually known as Big Ben) and The Shard – which I will make sure I include in my photographs, as I believe this is extremely important and adds vital information and context to your conference or event.

QEii Centre London - Conference delegate is seen with a view of Big BEn and The Shard in the background
The QEii Centre London Conference Photographer – A view of Big Ben and The Shard

QEII Centre London conference photographer: Insurance Innovators Summit

The Insurance Innovators Summit brought me back to QEII Centre. The annual conference brings together insurance industry leaders and innovators to discuss emerging trends and opportunities in the insurance sector. The conference features keynote speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities for attendees.

As I walked towards the venue I already noticed all the branding that was covering the impressive building that the QEII Centre is. I kept this in mind, as it was a bit of a cloudy start to the day, but I saw that the forecast was to be sunny later on, so I will be timing those outdoor photographs with the best possible weather, and here is the result.

Also, as I photographed conferences and events previously at the QEII Centre I did make sure that I photographed the conference branded flags, not just against the QEII Centre, but also against Westminster Abbey to add context to the conference. So when looking at my photographs you will immediately realise the Central London location of this venue.

QEII Centre London conference photographer - Insurance Innovators Summit 2022
QEII Centre London conference photographer – Insurance Innovators Summit 2022
QEII Centre Conference and Events venue in the heart of London branded for the Insurance Innovators Summit 2022
QEII Centre London conference photographer – Insurance Innovators Summit 2022
Insurance Innovators Summit branded flags seen with Westminster Abbey in the background
Insurance Innovators Summit 2022 – QEII Centre opposite Westminster Abbey – London conference photographer

Do I need to have a Zoom meeting prior with the conference photographer?

Sometimes it can be useful as this allows me to hit the ground running as soon as I arrive and set up, also you will probably be extremely busy running the conference, so this allows us all to get on with the work. However, I will always check with the event organiser as soon as I arrive in case there have been any last minute changes. For instance, prior to the conference we had a Zoom meeting with the organisers, Marketforce Live, a global B2B marketing solutions and events company. We discussed how to approach the conference photography as there were multiple streams and the necessity of having pictures ready throughout the day for their social media – as the Insurance Innovators Summit is a popular event in the insurance industry attracting attendees from around the world. It provides an opportunity for industry leaders to share insights and network with their peers. There was a necessity to photograph all these different elements of the day and share them.

As I am all set I head to registration where attendees are welcomed and given directions. I make sure I capture it all as well as details of all the screens and branded lanyards. All these close-up details make great abstract pictures for future marketing.

Insurance Innovators Summit – QEII Centre London – Attendees collecting badges on arrival
Insurance Innovators Summit – QEII Centre London – Conference attendees given directions
QEii Centre London conference photographer – Insurance Innovators Summit 2022 – Conference attendees given directions

The main room was incredibly busy with the Welcome Speech and Keynote speaker. Here, my previous experience as a conference photographer at QEII Centre was really useful – I knew I could get access to the AV room where you can get a birds-eye view of the room looking full.

Insurance Innovators Summit Stage 1 Welcome speech – QEII Centre London Conference venue
Insurance Innovators Summit Stage 1 Welcome speech – QEII Centre London Conference venue

Then I will capture the Keynote speakers from the back of the room to show the full scale and how busy the conference looks. Then I will move closer to the stage and discreetly capture some close-ups of the speaker. While doing this I will avoid using the flash so I don’t distract the speaker or the attendees, I will photograph this in a very unobtrusive manner. I will photograph the audience looking engaged and make sure I get the panel discussions and each speaker of the panel. My aim is to capture the speakers as animated as possible as this creates vibrant and dynamic photographs.

Stage1 from the back male
stage1 keynote 1
stage1 from back angle male
stage1 from back female white
stage1 panel close up 6
stage1 panel close up
stage1 panel close up 2
stage1 panel closeup 2
stage1 panel closeup 4
stage1 panel closeup 5
stage1 panel from behind

There were multiple networking opportunities throughout the day, in the exhibition hall where there was an incredible buzz right after the morning session. Being an experienced London conference photographer, I know these are the busiest times and I know the best angles to capture these networking opportunities – as I have already photographed conferences and exhibitions previously in the QEII. I knew that I could get an overview of the exhibition hall from the mezzanine level, where you can get those very useful photographs that shows the scale of the event and how busy it is.


These pictures are really useful, not only for social channels, but for marketing purposes when planning next years edition of the conference. When photographing networking images I make sure that I include conference branding or exhibitors branding in the background.

As well as some just candid photographs of delegates enjoying themselves.

And even some of them will even pose for me! When I interact with any delegates, it is usually initiated by them as I am very mindful that some of these conversations could be of extreme value to them. I am always very respectful and I make sure that I dress accordingly to I blend in.

During the networking breaks, delegates could be enjoying a coffee from the branded barista station or a mouth-watering cake. The QEII Centre does offer catering services – QEII Taste, by Levy UK offering bespoke catering solutions (delicious!)

The conference was full of interesting speakers and multiple panel discussions – each of them needed to be photographed. When doing so I made sure that I captured them including their presentations so it adds context to the photograph. I also endeavour to capture the diversity on panels and attendees with my conference photography.

cava 16 11 2022 1502 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 1090 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 1924 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 1532 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 2336 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 2046 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 2352 CR2
cava 16 11 2022 2302 CR2

After a really busy conference day everyone was ready to relax and enjoy some well-deserved post conference drinks. From cocktail making to a caricaturist!

after party cocktail making 4
after party cocktail posing
after party drinks
after party cocktails 7
after party 2
after party cocktails 3

If you’re in need of a professional photographer to capture your conference at the QEII Centre in London, here’s a sample snippet you can use:

What to expect when you hire my services as your conference photographer?

  1. Communication prior to the conference to understand the schedule, agenda, and any specific photography requirements you may have. This will help plan the shots and ensure that I capture the most important moments.
  2. Capture the details: I will take photos of the conference room, signage, name tags, and other details that help to create a sense of the event. These photos can be used to promote future events and help attendees remember the conference.
  3. Focus on the speakers: I will make sure to capture close-up photographs of the speakers, presenters, and panellists as well as the wider room to show the scale of the conference.
  4. Photograph the audience: The audience is an essential part of any conference, and it’s important to capture their reactions and interactions with the speakers.
  5. Be discreet: When photographing the conference, it’s important to be unobtrusive and avoid disturbing the attendees or distracting the speakers. Dress appropriately, use a quiet camera, and be respectful of the event and the people attending.
  6. Edit and share: If needed I will edit and share some photographs throughout the day and once the conference is over I will review and edit the photos to select the best shots. Prior to the conference we will settle on a deadline to deliver the full edited album – but you can expect a fast turn around.
Do you want to book my services as a conference photographer for your next event?

When it comes to conference photography at the QEII Centre in London, you need a photographer who can capture the energy and excitement of your event, while also highlighting the key messages. As an experienced conference photographer, I have the skills and expertise to do that.

Whether you’re hosting a large-scale conference or a more intimate seminar, I’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and capture the essence of your event. From keynote speakers to networking sessions, I’ll be there to capture all the important moments.

With a keen eye for detail, I’m equipped to deliver stunning, high-quality images that showcase your event in the best possible light. So if you’re planning a conference at the QEII Centre, let me help you capture it in all its glory.

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and learn more about my conference photography services. Let’s work together to create beautiful, engaging images of your event!

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