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This week has been a week of big announcements for the British Royal Family, with the sad news of The King’s diagnosis. The Royal Family has taken a positive attitude and continue with their official engagements. I was commissioned to be the royal visit event photographer of Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, to the Institute of Physics. This was one of his first, if not his first public appearance after the announcement, and during his speech he mentioned his brother and the journey that he has ahead.

Royal Events Photography

I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years, initially as a News Photographer. I have extensive experience photographing members of the Royal Family, not only from what is known as a “press pen” but also from being the photographer of choice to capture a Royal Engagement for the British Media. Only one photographer is allowed to capture the event, and the pictures will be distributed to all agencies and publications. This, as you can imagine, can be quite a lot of pressure, but I believe that I thrive in these kind of environments.

On this occasion Prince Edward attended a reception hosted by The Institute of Physics, addressing the very important issues of Green Economy and Net Zero.

Royal Visit Event Photographer – London Event Photographer Carmen Valino captures The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward as he arrives to the Institute of Physics in London for reception to discuss Green Economy and Net zero

HRH met the UK’s leading physics-powered business and organisations that have sustainability at the forefront of their industry and I made sure that I photographed the Duke of Edinburgh with each of them. As you can imagine everyone wanted to have a picture commemorating such a remarkable event.

The Duke, as well as being met by the IOP President Sir Keith Burnett CBE, took the time to meet multiple IOP members. My job there was to capture this unique image of such importance for their organisation.

Royal Visit Event Photographer - Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward greeted by IOP President Sir Keith Burnett CBE at the Institute of Physics building in King's Cross London
Royal Visit Event Photographer – Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward greeted by IOP President Sir Keith Burnett CBE
Royal Visit Event Photographer – Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward being shown a model of a nuclear reactor at the reception that took place at the Institute of Physics building in London
Royal Visit Event Photographer – Different organisations meet with Prince Edward at thee IOP building in London to discuss Green Economy – Net Zero and the role of Physics in it
Royal Visit Event Photographer – Prince Edward in conversation with one of the exhibitors at the IOP reception
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How to Photograph a Royal Visit Event?

I have learnt this over the years photographing multiple members of the Royal Family – you can see a handful of them in my events portfolio here – and working with organisations such as the Royal College of Midwives, to which Princess Anne is their Patron. I have attended and photographed countless visits with her to Maternity Wards all over the UK, Conferences and various other events.

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It might seem obvious what I am about to say, but I have seen photographers turning up in jeans and a t-shirt, which is not appropriate, while photographing members of the Royal family. It is a suited-and-booted job, so I will dress smart for the occasion.

As a photographer you want to make sure that you don’t miss a moment, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be continuously shooting as this can be really disruptive, especially when using flash. So, be smart, just assess the right moment and capture it – make sure you don’t miss it!

They really appreciate if you give them some space, which is absolutely fine. You have plenty of focal length lenses, so use them. Sometimes space is tight so try to grab the pictures that you need and again give space.

For these type of events you can try to plan ahead and advise on where to do the line-up to maxime the picture opportunities, but they are events and there is plenty of things out of your control, so go with it.

Group or posed shots need to be pre-arranged or something that the member of the Royal Family suggest, or that someone that they meet requests. As a photographer you don’t address or direct them. I have learned over the years that the members of the Royal Family are incredibly good at reading situations and what makes a good picture, so the chances are that they will actually tell you what to do and they basically had somehow read your mind.

Charles III King of England speaks during a Gala Dinner Organised by The Prince's Trust at The Savoy Hotel in London by Carmen Valino
00026 Carmen Valino Event Photography London
Carmen Valino Events Photographer London

Are you having a member of The Royal Family attending an event that you are organising and need an experienced Photographer?

Look no further! Please do get in touch as I would love to be able to help you capturing such an important moment for your organisation. You can email me or message me here

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