I like to think that having over two decades of experience as a professional photographer gives me a really good place to start as a London conference photographer. No matter how big or small your conference is, you are definitely in a very capable pair of hands.

My approach to conference photography is very much to capture the story of the day, starting with the delegates entering the building and capturing their first impressions (first impressions do matter!)

Moving to the conference delegates registration, I make sure I capture with my conference photography all the interactions between the members of the conference team and the delegates – the smiles and happy faces (even if is early in the morning they do happen!)

The main room with the key note speaker is the best place to capture those busy room shots. Conference photography is all about timing it right – a skill that I have perfected over the twenty years of working as a professional photographer.

I will make sure I capture the panel discussions, photographing the whole panel and each of them individually.

Through the day I will photograph each speaker, making sure they look animated and engaging while doing their presentations (we all love the hands-on action shots!) and with a relevant slide on the screen to add context so you end up with a collection of pictures that tell the full story.

I also make sure to capture the best pictures of the audience looking engaged. I always look for reactions in the crowd, the exchange of opinions in between sessions. Those natural un-staged pictures are the best reflection of the event.

I will also take some abstract conference photographs that can be useful for marketing and promotion on different platforms.

I particularly enjoy all the times in between the sessions, the coffee breaks when delegates have the opportunity to network, the smiles, the laughs, all those interactions that create beautiful natural conference photography with my ability to blend in.

Some conferences might have an exhibition floor where different companies have stands and during the conference breaks there is a great buzz in this area. I love photographing this part in a very unobtrusive manner, so I can get all those spontaneous moments while stands are busy and looking at their best.

Quite often the conference ends with some drinks or some form of entertainment, which is a great opportunity to capture some informal and relaxed photographs of the delegates enjoying themselves.

My main aim is to create an outstanding collection of pictures, those pictures that you actually need and delivered to schedule and capturing the highlights of your conference with high-quality images that can be used for marketing, promotions or internal communications . I am always happy to discuss your brief by Zoom or a phone call prior to the conference.

As a London based photographer, I have photographed in all major London venues. I have also travelled around the UK and beyond, should my clients request it.

What I bring when you hire me as your conference photographer:

  • 20 years of experience working full-time as a professional photographer
  • A fresh eye to capture your brief with a creative flair
  • A big smile and an extremely friendly approach, making feel people comfortable around me
  • I am fully insured including public liability
  • A big bag full of kit and multiple back-ups to cover all eventualities

“We work with Carmen for all of our corporate events, and she is fantastic. Always reliable, on time, professional and knows exactly what shots I need without me needing to say. The photos come through very quickly and are always good quality.”

Jade Cummings. events manager at LaingBuisson

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