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Interior photography that enhance, reflects and compliments the space, creating: Timeless, hassle free, high quality photographs

Whether I am creating the interior photography of a commercial, retail, office, art gallery, or residential spaces for companies, design studios, or architects, I always pay exquisite attention to detail and the composition to ensure a high-end result. My work is consistent and my interior and spaces photography aims to reflect and enhance the features and functionality of the sites. While photographing a space to promote its versatility, I will guide you with my expertise, gained over the years on how to visualise its uses and make those ideas tangible.

Most recently, I worked on a large-scale, wide-reaching project for LVMH House in Mayfair. They had carried out a renovation on the entire building and they needed to capture all the different spaces and show what each area could offer, such as different types of meetings, room layouts, breakfast service, and evening drinks. So I developed the entire project and styled it; effectively working as the shoot’s art director – rearranging furniture and ordering flowers and food – to tastefully decorate each scene to bring the house to life.

I highly recommend working with Carmen. Not only did she find the time to fit in our assignment on her tight schedule, but also helped us to find the way to enhance the spaces to make them communicate our message, creating timeless images that have helped us since then and I’m sure will help us in the future. Carmen is a great professional who knows her craft but also adds great value with her experience and understanding of the company values, which is essential to help her clients to transmit their messages through images.”

Carolina Carranza, Architect at LVMH

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