Graduation Event Photographer: Northeastern University London

I was delighted to be commissioned by Northeastern University London to be their Graduation Event Photographer, taking place at the astonishing art deco gem venue that is Senate House – in the heart of Bloomsbury London.

Working as a Graduation Event Photographer:

I arrived there a touch before. I usually arrive 15 minutes early so I can familiarise myself with the surroundings and meet my contact on the day, so we can discuss small details and running order – which is key when working as a Graduation Event Photographer or as an Events Photographer.

I was photographing the graduation event for the prestigious Northeastern Global News publication, you can see the article with my photography here, which involved taking pictures of the graduation ceremony itself. I was also required as a Portrait Photographer (you can see some of my Portrait Photography here), which is a photography genre that I have a really strong passion for.

Northeastern University London awards master’s degrees in philosophy and AI

AI seems to be the hot topic of 2023 and the graduates were there to celebrate and embrace their achievement with their friends and family. There were plenty of emotional moments to be photographed, those moments happen in the split of a second and you need to be anticipating them. Anticipation is a skill that I have earned working as a professional photographer for over twenty years, being in the right place at the right time can be the best skill that an event photographer could master. These candid photographs captured the emotions and energy of the event, providing a complete picture of the day’s festivities.

Graduation Event Photographer of Northeastern University Graduation Ceremony taking place at Senate House London - A candid photograph of a graduate receiving a hug from a friend after the Graduation Ceremony captured by Carmen Valino

The Graduation Ceremony

During the Ceremony I was briefed to capture candid photography of the event itself, to capture the audience, and all the Behind the Scenes as well as the speeches on stage. I love capturing behind the scenes photography, like the anticipation and excitement of this photograph where Graduates were adjusting their robes before walking into the Ceremony Room.


or this photograph of family members recording the moment as their relative was collecting the certificate.

Northeastern University London: Portrait Photographer

So after the Ceremony I was briefed to take some portraits of the Dean of Northeastern University London, Scott Wildman, and some of the new graduates, like Tess Buckley. I scouted the magnificent building that is The Senate House and I was spoilt for choice! I made the most of the incredible but changing lighting that spring weather gives, and I changed my event photography set up to a portrait photography set up on my cameras. My lenses of choice were a prime Canon 50mm 1.2 and my zoom 70-200mm

Are you organising an event that requires event photography and portrait photography?

Look no further! I did love photographing Northeastern University Graduation Ceremony, the emotions and all the different elements around it with my candid photography – also known as reportage photography or “fly on the wall”. As well as capturing all those very unique moments that happen spontaneously, I would be delighted to create some more ad hoc portraits to keep as a long lasting memory of such a joyous occasion.

Having a multidisciplinary photographer at your event can be a really useful asset. When commissioning myself to photograph your event I am bringing 20 years of experience working as a professional photographer and there is very little that I haven’t come across in my career. So you are in a very safe pair of hands, you can leave the photography to me and you can get on with your event!

If you would like to get in touch with me and discuss your event photography needs you can do it here

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