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I was recently approached by one of my regular clients to check if I could photograph their building, so they can show to their members what spaces they have on offer. As a London Office Space photographer I have photographed numerous office spaces and entire buildings previously for a variety of clients, including high-end luxury names such us LVMH. Have a look here if you are curious to see that project – where I was the London Interior Photographer of choice. I also undertook the Architectural Photography of the project including the facade of their building in the heart of Mayfair London.

These are brilliant and the space looks amazing – I just hope people aren’t disappointed when they see the space for real

London Office Photographer - London Architectural Photographer - Image showcasing the facade of The Institute of Physics in Kings Cross London
London Office Space Photographer – London Architectural Photographer – The Institute of Physics HQ is seen in this image with an iconic red double decker bus driving pass

Interior Photography London

My client had a complete refurbishment of a building that they acquired in London King’s Cross. They wanted me to capture all the different spaces that they have on offer for their members as well as extern areas.

From The Council Room to their small meeting rooms and their auditorium, everything needed to be photographed, as well as the small details that make their building extra unique.

London Office Space Photographer - The auditorium located at the basement of the Institute of Physics photographed by Carmen Valino London Interior Photographer

Some of their spaces could have different set ups so I also captured that. When rearranging rooms I really focus on making sure that the space is meticulously tidy with my incredible forensic eye for detail!


Also there were some very unique features related with Physics, like the orion stars on the ceiling of the foyer, it’s details like this that add that extra special touch and that I truly love to capture them.

London Office Space Photographer – Detail of Orion constellation displayed at the Foyer of The Institute of Physics in London

As well as all the meeting spaces I photographed the communal and distribution areas such as the reception and the corridors that lead to the meeting areas so by looking at the images you could get a feeling of the entire building.


And the hidden gem that this roof-top balcony is! Which awaits for the summer evenings of 2024!


Looking for an Photographer to capture your new refurbishment project?

As well as a London Office Photographer I can capture multiple spaces as a London Interior Photographer, you can have a look at some of my previous projects here which included clients as diverse as Westfield Stratford City, The Olympic Park, LVMH amongst some others. I welcome any client from big to small and I approach each of them with the same level of enthusiasm.

If you like what you read (and see!) please do get in touch here or by email as I would love to hear about your project!

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